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Jon Doran is a Bad, Bad, Bad Tempe Cop

Jon Doran violated by civil rights by threatening to arrest me when I took the Fifth

tempe pig I will soon be filing a lawsuit in Federal Court suing Tempe Police Officer Jon Doran for civil right violations per U.S.C. 42 § 1983. This is the second time in four years I have sued the Tempe Police for civil rights violations. About 4 years ago I sued Tempe cops James Jandreau and Sgt. Robert Mitchell for civil rights violations which were almost identical.

What happened?

In a nutshell Jon Doran threatened me with violence if I refused to answer his question.

Tempe Officer Jon Doran asked me for my date of birth. I told him I was taking the Fifth and refused to give it to him. In response to that Officer Jon Doran threatened me with violence if I didnít answer the question. He told me that if I didnít answer the question he would arrest me.

Since he told me he was going to ďarrest meĒ for not answering his question I took that to mean he would handcuff me, falsely charge me with some bogus crime and book me into Maricopa County Jail on false charges.

Normally when crooked cops engage in this outrageous behavior I lead them on to see how badly they will violate my civil rights. That day I had something to do and didnít have time to jerk Officer Jon Doran around and be falsely arrested so after he said he was going to arrest me I told them that sued the City of Tempe in Federal Court over a matter similar to this.

It is amazing how bullies never pick on people that can defend themselves. After Tempe Officer Jon Doran discovered that I knew how to defend myself by filing lawsuits against crooked cops in Federal Court he turned into to a lamb and dropped his threat to arrest me altogether. He didnít ask me about my birth date or any other questions. He simply let me go as quickly as he could.

Although he did behave like a complete asshole when he released me. He told me something to the effect that if he ever arrested me for a real crime he would force me to give him my date of birth. F*ck you Jon Doran. If you or another cops falsely arrest me I will take the Fifth and refuse to tell you anything but my name like I always do.

These are the notes I wrote and e-mailed myself on what happened. When ever the police violate my civil rights I always take notes on what happened so I can use them in a lawsuit against the police. I usually e-mail the notes to myself so I have a time stamp on them as to when they were written. Thatís because lawsuits often take years and you forget dates, times and other stuff. But if you have notes on what happened it jogs your memory. You should too. And thatís what the police do. After any crimes they are involved in they write notes so they can use them to testify in court.

Here are some letters I have written to the City of Tempe and other people about Tempe Police Officer Jon Doran violating my civil rights.

When I get the lawsuit written up I will place a copy of it here along with instructions on how to clone my lawsuit into a lawsuit that can be used to sue a crooked cop who violated your civil rights in Federal Court.

Why did you sue Tempe cops James Jandreau and Sgt. Robert Mitchell for civil rights violations?

I have always hated it when I am jerked around and questioned and searched by asshole cops even though I have done nothing wrong. As you grow up and are educated by the American government schools aka the public schools youíre are always told what wonderful rights you have because you live in this great democracy called America.

But after telling you that you have ďrightĒ those same government schools teach you to behave like a sheep and more or less tell you that you should always flush those wonderful right down the toilet to make the cops happy. Yes a clear double standard! Youíre told on one hand that you have rights, and on the other hand that you should be a sheep and never actually exercise those rights. You would think that was something you would learn in a police state like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, but sadly thatís something youíre taught in the USA.

To keep my name out of the government computers and databases where ever I was stopped in the past I always used to lie and give the cops a fake name. Even though I was an honest ethical citizen I wanted to stay off of the police radar.

Of course that was always a crime. In most places giving the cops false information is a crime. In all the times I have given the cops a fake name I could have been busted if the cop discovered the lie. I decided to stop doing that. I donít want to endanger my self and risk being arrested for giving the cops a wrong name or address.

I do have 5th Amendment rights and donít have to tell the cops anything so I decide to simply take the 5th and refuse to tell the cops any thing each and every time I come in contact with the police. That way I donít risk being arrested for giving the cops false information. And just as importantly I donít give the cops information about me that they can put in their computers.

Sadly being honest and not lying and taking the Fifth doesnít work. Most cops are crooked thugs who think the Bill of Rights is something they use to wipe their butts after they go to the bathroom.

Every time I have taken the Fifth Amendment and refused to tell the cops my name or answer other questions they asked the cops told me I didnít have any rights and had to answer their questions or I would be arrested and jailed. They would usually detain me for about an hour and make numerous threats on how bad things would happen to me and I would go to jail if I didnít answer their questions.

Of course each time this happened it terrified me. But I never backed off and always time after time refused to answer the police questions. Each time the police would release me after about an hour and tell me I was a bad, bad person for thinking I had civil rights. But each time I was released.

And of course after this happened to me I would always be angry for weeks. These scum bag police thugs had flushed my right down the toilet, treated me like shit and illegally detained me for an hour. I would be a very angry person for at least a week.

After this happened to me 5 times I was at a Libertarian Party meeting and a para-legal named John Wilde said that if anybody had there civil rights violated by crooked cops that he would help them write up the lawsuit to sue the crooked cops in federal court for civil rights violations per U.S.C. 42 § 1983. Thatís the law that Rodney King sued the LAPD with when he got beat up. I remembered John Wildeís promise.

The sixth time I had my civil rights violated by crooked pigs was when I was riding my bike along the Grand Canal in Tempe and I saw a large loose dog. The only thing I am afraid of more then crooked cops is a loose, big vicious dog.

James Jandreau was parked on the canal bank. I saw him and I asked him to report the loose dog to Maricopa County Animal Control.

Instead of reporting the loose dog to animal control James Jandreau demanded that I tell him my name. When I refused him and his boss Sgt. Robert Mitchell arrested me, handcuffed me, and detained me for about an hour and a half and tried to force me to tell them my name. I refused. I was scared shitless, they even drove me to a remote area where I thought they were going to beat me up. Instead they released me there.

It was now time to take John Wilde up on his promise and have him write me up a law suit to sue those crooked Tempe cops Sgt. Robert Mitchell and James Jandreau who falsely arrested me for an hour and a half.

John Wilde kept his promise and wrote up the lawsuit. I have used it three times since then to sue other cops who have violated my civil rights. I have lost all of the cases in court. But on the streets I have won. When you sue a crooked pig it is like kicking the bastard in the balls. Even if you lose in court you jerk the bastard around and send a message to him not to f*ck with you. You also send a message to the city attorneys not to mess with you. John Wilde says it takes them about 40 hours of attorney time to defend cases like mine.

So it costs them real money when you jerk them around by suing them in Federal Court. That 40 hours will cost them from $1,000 for a newbie lawyer they are paying $25/hr to $2,000 for a experienced attorney they are paying $50/hr to $4,000 for an attorney they are paying $100 an hour. They would much rather used this attorney time to jerk around somebody besides me.

So even if you lose it is worth it to sue crooked cops in Federal Court for civil rights violations. Now that is in my case. I am just a homeless person and I donít have any assets the cops can steal if I lose the case.

If youíre a person with a home, a car, or bank accounts that the police could sue you back for damages you might not want to sue the cops like I do. I would consult an attorney before filing a lawsuit in this case.

If you want to sue the cops I have copies of the lawsuit where I sued James Jandreau & Sgt. Robert Mitchell on that web page. I also have instructions on what to do. I will eventually put a copy of this lawsuit on this web page.

The lawsuit itself is a 3 page word document. But you only need to modify two paragraphs to customize it for YOUR lawsuit. In one paragraph you put what happened to you, you restate that in another paragraph. And you change my name and address to your name and address. And you change the names of the crooked cops from James Jandreau & Sgt. Robert Mitchell to the names of the crooked cop(s) who violated your civil rights.

To file you just take three copies of the lawsuit to your local Federal Court and file it. If youíre poor like me they will let you file the lawsuit for free. You have to fill out an extra form to do that.

In a nutshell this is what the law and the lawsuit is about.

Title 42 Section 1983 says if the cops use the color of the law to violate your constitutional rights you can sue them for civil rights violations in Federal Court.

If the cops illegally search you they have violated your 4th Amendment right.

If the cops have illegally forced you to answer questions they have violated your 5th Amendment right.

If the cops have violated your right to free speech they have violated your First Amendment right.

And of course violating your gun rights would be covered by the Second Amendment.

Iím not sure what constitution right the cops violate when they beat you up. I have not been beaten up by the cops since I learned how to file lawsuits. And I have not discussed that issued with any lawyers.

If a state or local cop violates any of the above rights they have also violated your 14th Amendment right. Thatís because prior to the 14th state and local cops didnít have to obey the Bill of Rights, the BOR only applied to Federal cops prior to the 14th. But when a state or local cop violates any of your other BORs he also violates your 14th Amendment right. Clear as mud? Huh?

A Federal cop CANíT violate your 14th Amendment right, because the 14th doesnít apply to the Federal Government. The 14th only applies to state and local governments.

I would love to explain all this stuff to you about the 14th Amendment but it gets really messy and time consuming so I wonít address it. And to make things even worse the 14th Amendment when you read it is clear as mud. You have to read it in the context which it was written in after the Civil War.

The sad thing is as of today I have been stopped about 20 times by the police and took the Fifth and told the cops I was refusing to tell them my name.

If most cops were ethical law abiding citizens you would expect that 19 out of the 20 times the cops would have said ďSure Sir. Thatís not a problem! You have every right to refuse to answer our questions. In fact Sir the Fifth Amendment specifically says you have the right to refuse to answer our questions.

Of course that didnít happen even once. Each and every time I have taken the Fifth the cops have told me that I would be arrested or that other bad, bad, bad things would happen to me if I didnít answer their questions.

Based on my experiences with police officers I pretty much can say I know that the Bill of Rights has been flushed down the toilet by almost every cop in America. Sure if you get arrested and go to trial the judge might think you had civil rights.

And it is certain that if the cops force you to answer their questions, of if the cops illegally search you after you have refused to give them permission they will lie when they go to court. Hell it happens so often they even have a slang word for it. Itís called Testilying!

In court the cop will say ďThe defendant gave me permission to search his house and unlocked the door with his key and let me inĒ, when in fact as it happened to me once the ďcop took my keys out of my pocket while I was handcuffed and used them to open the door to my homeĒ. Then his thug cronies totally trashed my home.

In that case I was outside my home, which I own and the cops thought I was a homeless person living in it. They broke in with my keys and totally trashed the home.

I was so pissed off about that case I was going to sue the police. It was like I had been raped. I talked to a lawyer about it. He said he would want $10,000 down and the case would probably cost $50,000. That was before I was homeless and at the time I could have afforded it.

But he sternly advised me against suing. Even though the money would go into his pocket. He said that I was almost assured to lose. Two reasons. First the people on juries tend to believe cops. Second that the cops would lie about what happened. I debated about suing for several days and took the lawyers advice and didnít sue. It would have been a waste of $50,000.

In this article a Tempe Internal Affairs Cop Sgt. James Potts is caught on tape telling a cop he is investigating that he should lie about his crimes. With that in mind do you really think the Tempe Internal Affiars cops could fairly investigate Officer Jim Jandreau and Sergeant Robert Mitchell violated my civil rights and falsely arrested me? Of course not!

This article shows that Tempe Police Chief Ralph Tranter thinks the police are above the law!

In this article Chandler Police Commander Joe Gaylord did the best he could to cover up the crimes of Sgt. Thomas Lovejoy. OK its not about the Tempe PD, but the Tempe PD is certainly just as corrupt if not more so then the Chandler PD.

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