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Jon Doran is a Bad, Bad, Bad Tempe Cop

Jon Doran violated by civil rights by threatening to arrest me when I took the Fifth

Tempe Police Officer I am suing Tempe Police Officer Jon Doran in Federal Court for civil rights violations. I had an unpleasant experience with Tempe Police Officer Jon Doran one day. He asked me for my birth date. I suspect he wanted to run me thru the computer and see if I had any outstanding warrants for my arrest.

As a good little boy who was taught that I should always force the cops to honor my Fifth Amendment Right I told Officer Jon Doran that I was taking the 5th and refusing to tell him my birth date.

Tempe Police Officer Jon Doran then decided to try to force me to tell him my birth date and he threatened to use violent force and falsely arrest me if I didn’t answer his question. That is why I am suing him for civil rights violations. He should have said “Yes Sir you don’t have to answer any question I ask you”. But instead he threatened to arrest me. That is what got his butt caught in this sling.

I then pointed out to Officer Jon Doran that four years ago I had sued his fellow officers James Jandreau & Sgt. Robert Mitchell in Federal Court for violating my civil right when they threatened to arrest me for refusing to answer their questions.

Officer Jon Doran turned into a lamb and dropped the subject of arresting me and released me as quickly as possible. Isn’t it odd that bullies never pick on people that can defend themselves. In this case as soon as Officer Jon Doran discovered that I knew how to file lawsuits against crooked cops in Federal Court he decided to stop threatening me.

After I finish writing up my lawsuit against Tempe Police Jon Doran I will place a copy of it on this web site both in word format and HTML format so you can either read it on the web or use the word version to clone up a law suit against a crooked pig that violates your civil rights.

I will also give some instructions about what to do.

If you need some free legal help I have a rather odd suggestion. Attend a local Libertarian Party meeting. While it is a tiny party the Libertarian Party has ballot status in all 50 states last time I checked. They are a third political party like the Democrats or Republicans, but much smaller.

Libertarians by their very definition hate government tyrants. Libertarians also tend to be more educated then the normal population. So if go to a Libertarian party meeting you will often find a lawyer of two who is actively involved suing the government. You will probably also find a few people like me who are not lawyers who are also suing the government. They can usually give you free advice and point you in the right direction for any lawsuit you want to file.

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See how Tempe Police Officers James Jandreau & Robert Mitchell violated my civil rights!

Tempe Police Officer Jon Doran violates my civil rights