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Jon Doran is a Bad, Bad, Bad Tempe Cop

Jon Doran violated by civil rights by threatening to arrest me when I took the Fifth

Tempe Cop Ben Arredondo Looks like Tempe City Councilman Ben Arredondo lied to me. I never heard from Asst. Chief Tom Ryff whoever he is! To be honest Ben Arredondo seems to be the sleaziest and most dishonest person in the whole Tempe City Council. From what I have read about him in the newspaper he is an expert politician and knows how to BS everyone to get himself re-elected time and time again. A good example of it is this letter he wrote to me. He didnít actually help me. He just wrote me a letter saying he would pass on my letter to some cop. And he didnít actually pass on my letter to the cop because he knows the cop isnít going to waste his time firing one of his crooked patrolmen. Ben Arredondo is a real crook and expert politician if you ask me.

His letter follows:

Subject: RE: Civil Right Violations by Tempe Police Officer - Request for public Information
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 10:30:51 -0700
From: "Arredondo, Ben"

Thank you for sharing your concerns with me. I have asked Asst. Chief Tom Ryff to contact you.

Ben Arredondo

-----Original Message-----

Sent: Friday, July 07, 2006 12:47 PM
To: Hallman, Hugh; Mitchell, Mark; Carter, Barbara; Arredondo, Ben; Copple, Len; Goronkin, Pam; Hutson, Hut
Cc: title 42 section 1983
Subject: Civil Right Violations by Tempe Police Officer - Request for public Information

On Wed march 8 around 9:35 am or 9:25 am I was at McDonalds in Tempe on Broadway after ordering a coke at McDonalds I laid down on the grass to rest outside because I was still very sick and recovering from food poisoning I had gotten the day before.

I was stopped by Tempe cop J Doron or J Doran who proceded to violate my civil rights per U.S.C. 42 Section 1983.

He asked me for my date of birth. Of course I refused. I don't have my notes with me here but if I behaved as I always do when I am stopped by cops I probably said "I am taking the 5th Amendment and if you wish to question me I would like to have my attorney Marc Victor with Victor & Hall of present.

J Doron or J Doran like most cops more or less told me that I didn't have any stinking civil right and that if I didn't tell him my birth date he was going to arrest me, which of course IS violating my civil rights. I take the 5th and then the first thing he says is that if I take the 5th he will arrest me.

We had a little discussion about this and I more or less told him I would sue his f*cking ass in federal court if he didn't stop violating my civil rights and the jerk meekly backed off like a lamb.

Well now it is time to sue the crooked cop J Doron or J Doran in Federal Court for Civil Right violations.

My request for public information is I want:

1) What is the full name of Tempe cop J Doron or J Doran? So I can sue him in Federal Court for civil rights violations per U.S.C. 42 Section 1983

2) I would like a copy of the police reports made on the incident.

3) I would like copies of any photos he took of me.

4) I would like copies of any audio recording he made of me. And any copies of video recordings he made of me.

5) I would like a copy of all radio transmissions made by him to your dispacthers. I would like copies of all digital messages sent to him and from him about the incident.

6) If McDonalds complained to him I would like a copy of the phone call from McDonalds to the Tempe police. If McDonalds didn't call the Tempe Police and complain about me why did he stop me?


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See how Tempe Police Officers James Jandreau & Robert Mitchell violated my civil rights!

Tempe Police Officer Jon Doran violates my civil rights