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Jon Doran is a Bad, Bad, Bad Tempe Cop

Jon Doran violated by civil rights by threatening to arrest me when I took the Fifth

Tempe Cop This is just a copy of the notes I e-mailed my self after Tempe Police Officer Jon Doran violated my civil rights.

When ever I am a victim of a crime committed by a police officer I always write up some notes to document what happened. Hell thatís what the cops do. They take notes.

That way when I sue the pig I wonít have to rely on my memory for what happened. Also since I e-mailed it to myself I have a timestamp of the date and time I mailed it, which I suspect might help in court.

Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 14:00:42 -0800 (PST)
Subject: tempe pig violates my civil rights. - J Doron or J Doran
A copy of another letter

Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 13:49:35 -0800 (PST)
Subject: tempe pig violates my civil rights. - J Doron or J Doran

wed 9:35 am, or 9:25 am at mcdonalds on broadway, tempe pig J Doron or J Doran (i was still feeling shitty from my food poisoning so i may have wrote it down off by 10 minutes.

he asked me for my name and i was afraid he might arrest me under that new law so i gave it to him

then he asked me for my birth data and i refused.

first he said something like "you have a wallet"

then he told me he would arrest me if i didnt give him my birth date, violating my civil rights.

i told him that i had sued tempe over this before.

he asked my how much i won an i said nothing.

then he was very rude and said something like "get the fuck off of mcdonalds and if ever came back he would arrest me and i would end up giving him my birth date".

i then left.

i was sleeping there because yesterday i got food poisoning. when i took the bus home last night i puked up on the 45 bus (pretzles). and then when i got on the 92 bus i also puked up several times (liquids). i didnt puke up at all on the 66 bus, but i was too sick to go home. in the morning when i woke up i went to mcdonalds and got a $1 coke and read the paper because i was feeling too sick to eat.

after i read the paper i went outside and laid down on the grass at mcdonalds because i was still feeling sick.

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See how Tempe Police Officers James Jandreau & Robert Mitchell violated my civil rights!

Tempe Police Officer Jon Doran violates my civil rights